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Live Meetings. Simple process:
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You have a meeting design for a group of people who are working on a very important and complex issue together.

Call me just before the design is finalized, there may be ways to tweak it to fully take advantage of the visuals.

When it comes time to meet and discuss, I bring my paper and markers and create graphic maps to gather all of the juicy thoughts in one place and help everyone stay engaged and focused.

Bonus! Having a graphic recorder in the room has been known to boost creativity and innovative thinking for the whole group!

2-3 days later I provide you with digital images of the charts.

Fees: $800 for half day, $1,500 for full day.

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Speakers and Conferences. Simple process:
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You are a seasoned speaker or a conference organizer and realize that most people take in information better if it is presented visually. You probably also want to stand out from the crown and impress your audience.

You contact me and provide with some version of the content that you want graphically recorded in real time.

I know, I know, speeches are often in editing stage until last minute, but I don't need a word by word of what is going to be said, just a general outline to help me get in the right frame of mind and maybe develop some new icons or practice old ones.

I come to your event, set up my graphic board and capture everything.

After the event you get digital photos of the charts. Feel free to use them in marketing, training or even as a gift to attendees or potential clients.

Mobile version: I can do the recording digitally either from the comfort of my home (cut down travel costs) or from the audience. There is always a possibility of broadcasting the process online or even projecting it on the wall. Or, the final product can be shared after the event is over and be a reminder of what happened.

Fees: $250 per hour.

Virtual Collaboration

Do you hold meetings over conference calls or webinar platforms?

Is it crucial for you that all participants stay focused and engaged?

Have you been searching for a way to concentrate on your role as a facilitator and let somebody else do the capture? Get a Quote

Call or email me for a short conversation beforehand and I will join you for the meeting and share a screen with the notes as they are being created or send a finished image at the end.

Fees: $250 per hour.

Video Graphic Recording

Same airy and colorful recording as experienced in live meetings made into short snappy videos to concisely deliver your message to the customer while entertaining and engaging.

You provide the audio and we do the drawing and the filming!

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Videos can either be created solely by Anna, which will save you money but will still look very professional, or filmed by a professional videographer.

Tools may include, but not limited to: iPad, paper and markers, bamboo tablet.

Fees: $2,000 per minute of finished product.

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New Ideas and Experiments

Swim-ly is always open to suggestions and new groundbreaking projects. Have an idea and need someone with superior doodling skills? Call or email now!


Graphic Recording is about using simple image icons, organizing ideas in clusters and letting it flow and be organic, really resembling group's mood and tone of conversation.

Charts created live may not look as clean and polished as studio created charts. Any imperfections can be easily fixed during post-processing, though. This is included in my flat daily rate. While making corrections I usually try to keep charts looking mostly the same as they did in person, so that people who were present at the meeting could still recognize them.

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