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Startup Washington had their Next 50 launch party at Seattle Center last night and I, together with two other fellow graphic recorders Anne Jesse and Anne Mann, got a chance to participate and introduce interactive visuals to local entrepreneurs.

My job was to get people talking about failure. What could become a difficult topic for a light networking event turned out to be a fun and thought provoking experience! We started with people coming up to me one by one and sharing their stories of missteps and the lessons they'd learned and I wrote them down with words and sometimes icons.

Later in the evening a line started to form, so some just grabbed markers and wrote down their learnings and advice themselves.

Many stories were similar, so we tried to cluster them together to give the chart a little bit of structure.

All in all, the most important thing was that the connection and the sharing happened beyond swapping business cards.

A large white board provided a place for thinking deeper, for awareness of who else is in the room, what they've been through and opened up some commonalities that otherwise, might've never been seen.

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
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