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Practicing challenging icons #iconaday

Why am I doing #iconaday?

As a graphic recorder, I use images alongside words to capture what people are talking about in the moment. Conversations I record are usually rich and dynamic, there is no time for thinking up images, they have to already be in my head and take very little time to create.

A library of images is essential for my work and constantly practicing and expanding it is crucial but sometimes a boring task. It is much easier and more fun to do it with others.

Icon-a-day is going to be just one of the ways to connect (others may be in person and online graphic jams, forum discussions, readings) and its beauty is in continuity, timelessness and mobility. No need to gather or coordinate, the only thing that will keep the conversation going will be the hashtag #iconaday. It is already being used by Nicholas Petersen.

What are the rules?

Icon every day doesn’t mean every single day! Every day is the goal, but things come up, people get busy, no big deal if there is a break.

The term icon will be taken very lightly, it could have a little bit more detail and be as elaborate as a sketch or a drawing.

Any icon is a good icon and expanding a visual vocabulary in any way is a good thing, just like all words together make up a regular language, basic shapes of cars and computers have a place in any graphic library. For this particular challenge, however, I am going to try and pick abstract and encompassing words, that aren’t so easy to visualize (e.g. compassion, creativity, imagination).

Every available way of posting (a phone shot of a hand drawn image or digitally created on iPad or bamboo) works, and I will try to alternate between different ones.

How are my posts going to be different

I need icons for graphic recording and they don’t have to be as simplified as designer icons, I have to be able to draw them very fast in the moment, but there is always a chance to come back and add more.

Who else could participate and why

Any other GR, designers, presenters, EngASk group members, people who use flip charts for meetings regularly and would like to make them more engaging.

Just tag your posts, so that we can find each other and expand our visual toolboxes even more!

Where am I going to be posting?

Instagram, flicker, twitter

tagged #iconaday

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
Educator, Organizational Consultant and Visual Thinker
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