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Hand Drawn Videos

I love to watch on youtube (in no particular order)

RSA Animates - a classic of the hand drawn video genre, what started it all and, I believe, popularized graphic recording as well.

Fast Draw - Montessori schools and Guy Kawasaki on Enchantment.

Doc Mike Evans by Liisa Sorsa - 30 minutes of walking a day.

Pimsleur Approach - very simple visual "I can do it!" type of icons, plus an interesting topic. Too bad they are not crediting the illustrator in the description, I recognize Lloyd Dangle's hand.

Supplies for dreams by Ink Factory - a somewhat recent addition to the youtube hand drawn library. I love all the extras: a graph paper journal, foam letters, animation etc.

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
Educator, Organizational Consultant and Visual Thinker
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