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Great conferences made better with live visuals

Where can you learn oodles of new useful information, make many friends and even do some sightseeing all in a matter of two or tree days? At a conference of course!

This visual is based on the article How to organise a great conference by Mike Clayton.

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Now, imagine hearing Mike speak and, as he mentions that conferences are "a great way to bring your team together", you see little bean people appearing on the board holding hands in a circle. He talks about rigorous planning and another icon anchors his words. As he moves through his speech, the map takes shape and every primitive doodle carries a meaning of a whole section, together they tell visually what you just heard.

While you sit there and listen to his words other thoughts enter your mind. You want to share with friends and colleagues, but how can you remember it all?

This is what graphic anchors do - each little figure serves as a place holder for so much more information than it was actually put on paper to represent. Our brains tie all of the verbal data and all of the ideas that pop up in our heads to what we see, so when we see it again later, this nice little bundle surfaces in our minds perfectly intact. People standing next to my chart at TEDxUofW

After a presentation is over a graphic mural is transfered into a hallway where it hangs on a wall open to everybody who walks by. I often see people gathering by my charts, some just stand and look at them silently, others are chatting, many are taking pictures and sharing with friends.

So why do people hire me to record their conferences and events? The beauty of graphic recording is in the memories it saves, conversations it ignites, and the information it helps spread.

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
Educator, Organizational Consultant and Visual Thinker
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