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You got a digital photo of a graphic recording chart, now what?
3 ways to use it
  1. Download in original size and email to the event participants as a documentation of what was discussed and agreed on (helps with accountability), share with those who missed the meeting to fill them in on what went on, or to encourage future attendance, or simply save it on your hard drive to keep it for yourself.

    actions->download photo

  2. Print a small copy and hand it out at the next meeting, so that everyone has something to refer to and make marks on. The best format for the chart originally sized 4x8 feet is tabloid 11x17 inches, it is very readable and, when folded in half, it is exactly the same as standard letter size, so it will fit nicely into a file folder.
  3. Embed into your site - I usually share images with clients via Picasa web albums and it can give you an embed code for a version of any size from a thumbnail to 800 px. This will work until I remove the photo from the album, and there is plenty of storage on my account, I pay extra for it and you don't have to. So far, I haven't removed a single photo shared with a client, there is no guarantee it won't happen in the future, but I will definitely check with you before doing so.
  4. link to this photo-> embed image

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
Educator, Organizational Consultant and Visual Thinker
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