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How pairing up with a graphic recorder can make you a better speaker
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I am not talking about just hiring a graphic recorder to take notes while you do your regular routine, what I mean is really working together to create a great presentation for your audience. Do you prepare slides to go with what you are telling? Do they add to your talk? Well, this is going to bring it to a whole another level.

visual thinking

1.Think visually. Yes, you. Don't rely solely on the recorder to do all the visualizing for you, only what she hears goes onto the paper, she can't add her own ideas to it (at least not in the moment). Think metaphors, invite your audience to imagine, to see to remember.

organized, mind map

2.Get organized. What is your main message? What points are you going to use to support it? Establishing those early on in your speech writing process and stick with them, state them and embellishing them with vivid examples. This will help in both, understanding your speech and in making a visual memory.

3.Ask your audience to add to what you are saying. People are always more interested and engaged when they contribute. Having a live person with speed drawing skills gives you an advantage and an opportunity to actually capture and document their contribution. This is going to help them feel valued and heard, not just talked at.

4.Use the chart during your speech. Repetition is a great tool you probably already use as a speaker, so why not point at something that is already up on the graphics wall when you mention it again? This will provide continuity and connection between the two modes in which people are experiencing your speech.

5. Give each other feedback and really try to learn from it. If all of the above were followed your work is really a reflection of each other. If you help improve the visual part, your audial representation of it is going to improve too. Thinking about ideas from different angles and through different lenses is what helps us understand them better. Wouldn't you want to understand yourself better? Yes, it is a little like therapy.

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Anna Ulanova, M.A. Graphic Recorder
Anna Ulanova, M.A.
Educator, Organizational Consultant and Visual Thinker
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