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Get Your Visual Thinking Juices Flowing

Today more than ever, we are tied to our computers for the better part of the work day, which involves a lot of sitting, typing and thinking in a linear linguistic manner (see multiple intelligence theory). This is good if linguistic is your primary way of processing, but for so many people it is not. more

Using Play to Kindle Your Creativity

by Laura Veith

Have you ever found that your best ideas come when you're doing something really mundane, like taking a shower, driving, or just going for a walk? That's because you're giving your brain space to process whatever it is you're thinking about. As along as you actively think about the situation you are not giving your best ideas room to emerge. It may seem like a paradox, but sometimes the best way to find a solution is to step away from the problem. Are you wondering what you can do to speed up that process and become more creative and better at idea generating and creative problem solving? As a creative and designer it is my job to constantly come up with ideas, here are some things that work for me: more

The Visualizers Toolbox

by Michael Erickson

The fine art of “Active Listening”

In November of 2011, I was the designated “graphic recorder for the “Systems Thinking in Action Conference, an annual event that was held this year in Seattle Washington.

I received a lot of excited response to my work, with a great many people described it as if I'd performed some kind of “magic”. It was a great experience since this was probably the FIRST time I'd plied my craft outside the walls of the Big Airplane Company where I've been employed for the last 22 years. At this conference, I was able to “play with the big boys” so to speak, and I received confirmation that I was able to hold my own – outside my normal domain, rather easily (it's nice to know). more

Practicing challenging icons #iconaday

Why am I doing #iconaday?

As a graphic recorder, I use images alongside words to capture what people are talking about in the moment. Conversations I record are usually rich and dynamic, there is no time for thinking up images, they have to already be in my head and take very little time to create.

A library of images is essential for my work and constantly practicing and expanding it is crucial but sometimes a boring task. It is much easier and more fun to do it with others. more

Does color always have to be present in graphic recording?

Today I went to a Lunch and Learn meeting at a local coworking place, AuBC. Paul Zohav talked to us about relationship literacy and, of course, I took visual notes. Usually I go back and add color, but this time felt like leaving it black and white.

Would love to hear some feedback - does color make it easier to see what is connected to what? Should I do more of black and white? What do you think? more

How pairing up with a graphic recorder can make you a better speaker
*Don't know what graphic recording is? Go to the front page for definition

I am not talking about just hiring a graphic recorder to take notes while you do your regular routine, what I mean is really working together to create a great presentation for your audience. Do you prepare slides to go with what you are telling? Do they add to your talk? Well, this is going to bring it to a whole another level. more

Facilitating Sharing

Startup Washington had their Next 50 launch party at Seattle Center last night and I, together with two other fellow graphic recorders Anne Jesse and Anne Mann, got a chance to participate and introduce interactive visuals to local entrepreneurs.

My job was to get people talking about failure. What could become a difficult topic for a light networking event turned out to be a fun and thought provoking experience! We started with people coming up to me one by one and sharing their stories of missteps and the lessons they'd learned and I wrote them down with words and sometimes icons. more

Spread the word! Get a badge for your site or blog.

Here is a way to show your network that you are connected to a unique resource and help Swim-ly be more easily found at the same time! more

Hand Drawn Videos

I love to watch on youtube (in no particular order)

RSA Animates - a classic of the hand drawn video genre, what started it all and, I believe, popularized graphic recording as well.


IFVP Conference 2012 On Instagram

I just got back from Pittsburgh, where IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners) community gathered this year for the annual conference.

So many talented people and so much fun!

Here is how it was documented on Instagram:

*only some of the photos are mine more

Great conferences made better with live visuals

Where can you learn oodles of new useful information, make many friends and even do some sightseeing all in a matter of two or tree days? At a conference of course!

This visual is based on the article How to organise a great conference by Mike Clayton.

click on image to enlarge more

A tool I've forgotten about! Can definitely be used for virtual meetings.

Why Hire a Graphic Recorder?

Work with a graphic recorder before, during and after the event!

Before: visual planning, activity coordination, template development

During: cafe dialogues, teaching and workshops, team planning and project reviews, web conferences, retreats, design workshops, launch events and celebrations, strategic visioning more

You got a digital photo of a graphic recording chart, now what?
  • Print a small copy and hand it out at the next meeting, so that everyone has something to refer to and make marks on. The best format for the chart originally sized 4x8 feet is tabloid 11x17 inches, it is very readable and, when folded in half, it is exactly the same as standard letter size, so it will fit nicely into a file folder.
  • more
    Why Graphic Recording Works

    Every single one of these 10 reasons why visual communication works from Ned J. Racine's Visual Communication: Understanding Maps, Charts, Diagrams, and Schematics applies to Graphic Recording. more

    World Cafe Talk Recorded Live

    This is my first attempt of a video like this, it begins a series on change management methodologies. Filmed in a tiny studio, without a crew and with just an iphone and a couple of borrowed lights, it turned out to be a pretty doable fun project. more

    Visual Templates vs Columns and Rows

    Organizing information in columns and rows is an effective way of presenting it, may even be more visual and scannable compared to lengthy reports. more

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