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Here is what clients say about us:

  1. Anna was the answer. I needed a new way to bring viewers to my website. Not only was Anna's Graphic Recording talent amazing, but also her fresh new ideas on how to script a story, adding great visual interest.
  2. Anna does a wonderful job of capturing people's ideas and expressions as they are being spoken in the moment and helps promote learning, participation and creativity.
  3. Anna has a keen ear for the conversations going on in the room. She tunes in to the flow of language and energy, and connects this flow to the questions being discussed by the group as well as to new questions that always emerge during meaningful conversations.
  4. Easy going and flexible Anna was able to adapt to any and all last minute program changes. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
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What is Graphic Recording?

visual note taking / visual facilitation / sketch notes / scribing

It is a way of capturing ideas with words, color, shapes, simple icons and organizing them visually in space to show flow and emerging patterns.

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Anna Ulanova: As a graphic recorder I use visual language to facilitate discussions and help groups solve complex problems by displaying all ideas on a large graphic board. It highlights connections and helps people see the whole system.

A meeting leader can simply focus on being present with the group, I take care of all the notes.

Bonus! Having a graphic recorder in the room has been known to boost creativity for the whole group!

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What are the benefits?

Graphic Recording can be used in business and community meetings to open up deeper understanding, energize and engage participants.

Large visual paper charts facilitate group discussions, help diverse groups hear each other and see connections. It is a well known fact that most people use visual as their primary or at least secondary information channel.

Call a graphic recorder whenever you are holding an important meeting or a workshop, conference, speech, presentation or even for a virtual team collaboration!

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